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We are caffeine

Our mission...

To be like coffee. To get you so excited about the proven power of a strategic branding program for your garden center or nursery that you'll find it hard to sleep! To surpass expectations for branding, marketing and advertising services for garden centers, nurseries, landscapers and the green industry anywhere in the US and Canada.

We will do this by showing you how...

To enhance your garden center or nursery brand - to showcase what your garden center is truly about and help you focus on creating a special business that is more profitable.

To get your garden center or nursery brand out into the community and implement enticing incentives that create buzz and generates more retail traffic.

To enhance your customers' retail shopping experience, so they will be compelled to stay longer, enjoy their sales experience, purchase more... and become life-long customers.

We are...

Honest. We will challenge you in your way of thinking. To push you to become what you dream to be. Not by telling you what we think you want to hear... but by delivering what can work for you.

Experienced. We have over 40 years of marketing and design experience and we have expansive expertise in branding and marketing for the green industry.

Talented. We have won numerous creative awards over the years in various disciplines. Logo design, advertisement design, brochure design, display design, sales center design, and web site design are just a few of the categories in which we excell.

We can...

Provide any or all of the following services to help create, build and promote your Garden Center brand. Anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Garden Center marketing and advertising plans
Strategic marketing is defining where should we spend your Garden Center marketing and advertising dollars. What are my potential customers reading and where do they get their information? GreenBranding researches your target audience and then plots a course to help you reach your Garden Center or nursery sales goals.

Garden Center visual identity development & enhancement
We have experience in Garden Center logo design, corporate identity design and developing branding campaigns. Put your best foot forward with a professionally designed logo, color scheme and visual identity.

Retail Garden Center environmental design
GreenBranding creates Garden Center signs, sales center themes, displays, banners, exterior signs, interior signs and POP displays. You've spent a lot of time and money getting your potential customer to your Garden Center front door... now is the time to close the deal.

Garden Center web site development
We specialize in Garden Center web site usability issues and creating marketing opportunities with your Garden Center web site. Creative Garden Center web site design and development. Web site enhancements. We are your web site pros.

Podcasts/Vidcasts, blogs and other emerging technologies
Website development. Internet broadcasting. Corporate communications. Use the latest web technologies to keep your Garden Center employees in-the-loop. Share thoughts of where the company is headed from the key employees themselves! Do you have constant technical updates to share? Use the power of podcasting to keep your people up on the current issues and make your employees feel like they're part of a team.

Internet marketing for Garden Centers
Banner ads. Strategic web advertising. Search engine marketing. Developing email campaigns. And, we are one of the few web design companies that are currently enrolled in the Google AdWords Qualified Advertising Professional Program!

Get your Garden Center noticed. Be different. Stand tall. Don't be afraid of standing out... be very afraid of not. We are specialists in creating effective Garden Center advertising campaigns.

Still an important and tangible Garden Center marketing tool. With the help of quality brochures, catalogues, fact sheets, posters, flyers and newsletters your brand is whole and complete in the minds of consumers.

Impact mailings
We develop high impact Garden Center postcards, Loyalty Cards and design targeted mailings... all while maintaining mailing restrictions. We are experts in creating effective mailing campaigns.

Garden Center newsletters
Do you generate a Garden Center newsletter? If so, how different is it from other newsletters that employees and customers see? GreenBranding creates newsletters that reflect your Garden Center's character and extends your brand internally (and externally as well).

Internal branding programs
Do your Garden Center employees know your mission statement? If so, do they care? Create a mission statement that is truly unique and motivating to people. Then, display parts of it tastefully... everywhere and anywhere.

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