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Useful Garden Center marketing links

Green industry links

Green Beam
The online center for horticulture.

Don't just talk "green"... walk "green".

Ideal Bite
Bite size ideas for light "green" living.

Consumer Consequences
An interactive game that illustrates the effects of the modern American lifestyle on the earth.

American Horticulture Society
One of the oldest national gardening organizations in the US.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones
The 2003 US National Arboretum "Web Version" of the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

Farmers Almanac
One of North America's oldest and most treasured publications.

Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network
A growing group of central PA businesses that "promotes social, environmental and financial sustainability".

Branding & Marketing

Marketing budgets
An Interesting article on developing your marketing budget

About marketing
A good site on the benefits of marketing.

Brand Week
Everything branding.

Lawn and garden market research
Research reports.

Design and ideas

Visit GLEE and the Pre-GLEE Tour
Shop & Ship at GLEE with Ian Baldwin. Don't miss his Pre-GLEE Tour of 9 English Garden Centers

Signs for your store - GreenBranding's partner in garden center sign production
New Growth Marketing

Color predictions
What colors will be hot? Find out what colors will be hot this year, from the event that defines what's hot... Fashion Week

Persuasive design
Every sales person knows that an emotional sale is the easiest sale.

Design As Storytelling
Stories breathe meaning into the stuff of life. But what about visuals?


The Public Relations Society of America
The world's largest organization for public relations professionals.

Good reads

The 2009 Grapevine Survey by Standpoint Marketing Research
From the Executive Summary... "When we completed the first Grapevine survey in 2000, we identified gardening as a leading hobby among adults in the United States. Over the past six years, however, homeowners have developed different attitudes about gardening activities. Much of this is related to shifting demographic dynamics, such as the aging baby boom generation and a younger homeowner who has different ideas about how to spend discretionary income.
In this updated version of our survey, we have observed and noted these changes in an industry that is approaching maturation. Over the past six years, annual retail gains in the lawn & garden industry have slowed. Households are committing fewer discretionary household dollars at the local garden center. Today’s garden center is faced with having to target other market segments to sell goods and services. Business models need to be tweaked or changed in order to remain competitive in a changing industry environment."
It's an expensive report, but in our opinion, the information is worth every penny! Get the full Survey here

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding
A quick read about branding.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't
This book researches top companies' "winning streaks" and then gives examples of why and how to create your own.

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Sucess at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time
Understanding why and how to get important issues out in the open. Helps you to develop skills that you can use in all areas of your life.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable
Takes you through a story on how a new leader turned a failing company around. These five problem areas are found in almost all companies.

Here are recent trade journal articles to which we contributed content:

Cross Marketing Dos and Dont's: Garden Center magazine - November 2009
Cross merchandising is trickier than it seems. If done well, you’ll see huge turns on the displayed items. But too often, easily avoided mistakes lead to stagnant sales.
"You have to be bold enough to attempt it. Sometimes that boldness means you will put things together that might not work visually, but until you try it you won’t know if it is shoppable for your customers" ... Read more

Make the most of your store's hot spots: Garden Center magazine - August 2009
Everyone knows that displays work. As in all things, though, some are much better at playing with the nuances and know how to get the most from their high real estate areas of the store... Read more

Traffic flow patterns that work: Garden Center magazine - February 2009
The goal of traffic flow is obvious, said Richard Holberg, president of Holberg Design in York, Pa. It’s to get customers to go where you want.
Too often, retailers think about a store layout as if it were a set of blocks. Each department represents a self-contained block, with plenty of thought given to how customers will find product within its borders. Where garden retailers stumble is in how to help customers navigate the entire store... Read more

ANLA-American Nursery and Landscapers Association
proud member

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