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Do your displays teach?

In this world it's OK to make a scene - from Garden Center Magazine

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Two tips to immediately increase
your Garden Center traffic

Ideas to increase traffic... to increase sales... to harvest growth


So your garden center sales have slumped a little over the past week. Or, you're set for growth and ready to handle the extra customers. Now it's time to get people into your store. Listed below are just a few tips on how you can get an immediate increase in the volume of people through your door.

PR - Create something different in your garden center, a unique shopping experience or add a new service or product. Then get FREE advertising by getting your unique story in the newspaper or local TV news. How to do this can be a little tricky depending on the media you are trying to get your story to. There is a correct format to use for any Press Release. Keep your message short and sweet (under 150 words). Create a great headline... Instead of "LOCAL GARDEN CENTER OPENS NEW KIDS AREA" try "THIS WEEKEND! CHILDREN, GARDENS AND GAMES! " If your target audience is families, this would be a great traffic driver for your store and people tend to pay attention to media articles over advertisements.




Events - Try hosting a themed event at your garden center or creating a carnival weekend. By creating an event you will become a destination store for that period of time. People will stay longer and enjoy their shopping experience more. Also, this will create an upcoming date that people will remember and mark on their calendars to visit your garden center or nursery. Party and small carnival equipment are much easier to rent today than it was in the past, just check your local rental stores.

Team-up with local (or online) nature artists for a "Color in Nature" event, which can showcase the natural beauty of plants through art. Don't forget to keep 5-20% of fees for all artwork sold... that's a normal art studio fee. And, remember to get your free advertising through effective PR.

You will also want to increase advertisements and TV and radio spots to help increase your chances of having a successful program.


Host an environmental run-off planting. Water run-off from parking lots is a major environmental concern making national headline news. Conduct a program that donates plants and advice on how to create a parking lot run-off area. Post a sign about your garden center run-off program while the area is being worked on. This will help you to get noticed in the community, and help the planet at the same time... not a bad trade-off.

If you are not utilizing PR and Events in your yearly garden center marketing plan it’s time to start. These can be powerful tools - however they need the proper resources to work (time and effort). Increasing traffic can be a positive and fun experience... are you ready to handle the increase in customers?

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Ideas to increase your traffic and harvest grwoth.
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