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An integrated brand can set you apart!

Let us show you how the power of your own integrated brand can transform your retail garden center. GreenBranding is dedicated to helping retail garden centers, nurseries, greenhouses, and landscapers grow and become more fruitful through better branding, marketing, advertising and customer experience.

GreenBranding helps garden centers integrate all aspects of their unique brand across their entire retail facility. Visually we create impact with your logo, colors, style, uniform, signage, fleet graphics and more. Then we integrate the marketing aspects such as your advertising messages and their tone, your web site and online promotion, enhanced shopper experience... even how you answer the phone!

We create highly effective brand and visual identity programs, advertisements, mailers, brochures, newsletters, cable TV and radio spots, signs, displays and fleet graphics... all part of any traditional marketing program. Combine this with our expertise in creating web sites packed with Web 2.0 functions like blogs, podcasts and video to grab the Gen Y Young Up-and-Comers. Include online advertising, social media marketing, a Google AdWords campaign and email blasts... and you have a powerful way to increase traffic to your retail garden center!

Now, tie these brand touchpoints together with one voice, one message, a consistent identity, a unique position, and a great shopping experience and you will gain customer loyalty, increase your perceived value... and build a memorable retail garden center brand.

As a professional brand consulting and marketing company, GreenBranding can help your retail garden center, nursery or greenhouse maximize each customer visit... and grow your sales success!

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Google AdWords

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Let GreenBranding and Google help your green industry business grow!
Increase your customer base with a Google AdWords campaign! It's one of the most cost effective advertising tools available... for ANY budget!
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Google AdWords
Every Garden Center needs a little TLC... and Ian Baldwin's got it!
"T.L.C...Think Like Customers" is Ian's ground-breaking sales motivation training program. It's 8 modules on 2 DVD's and an interactive training workbook to help you increase sales in your retail garden center.
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Google AdWords
space garden center branding - garden center marketing - garden center design
2011 Market Outlook

Today's Garden Center magazine helps you plan ahead
The annual market trends outlooik from the folks at Tofay's Garden Center magazine. Read it here >>

Herbein's rebrand
Garden Center asks GreenBranding to help update their brand
Herbein's is a well established single-location GC in Emmaus, PA, just outside of Allentown. Their first step was a Site Visit. View GreenBranding's review here. And watch the progress of their brand makeover >>

A "brand new" garden center...
The Stauffers of Kissel Hill Garden Center brand redesign
Join us in reviewing a garden center makeover that included a new logo design, corporate identity, color scheme, garden center signs... and more.
Read all about it >>
New PANTS...
Brand makeover for a top industry trade show
Our new brand has caused the 2009 show to sell-out exhibitor space... and pre-attendence is running 15% above the last few years.
See the new PANTS brand >>

space garden center branding - garden center marketing - garden center design - garden center hot spots - store layout
UK inspired
A way of life
Gardening is part of the culture in England, and Garden Centers brand themselves very effectively there. See examples from Rick's visit >>
"Face" the music
Social media is here to stay... and we can help you take advantage of it!
Rick Holberg, President of GreenBranding, presented a seminar titled "Planting a Seed in Social Media Marketing" at PANTS.
View his presentation >>
GreenBranding in print
Latest mentions in industry trades
Read what GreenBranding has to say in Garden Center Magazine.
• The Tao of Merchandising - Cover story April 2010 >>
• Creating Stellar Endcaps >>
Why should you care about garden center branding and marketing
You'll increase your perceived value in your customers eyes through a comprehensive garden center branding program.
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space garden center branding - garden center marketing - garden center design
garden center marketing - garden center branding - garden center advertising - graphic design

Do your displays teach?
Younger gardeners usually have little knowledge and need a lot of help at being successful in the garden. Make your displays informative and educational.

Before and After
Send us a photo
Take a picture of your retail garden center entrance sign and you might be part of our Garden Center Makeover web site.
Find out how >>

Conferences & Events
2010 Farwest Show - Aug 10
Rick Holberg, President of GreenBranding, presented two seminars at Farwest. View them both here...
• Garden Center Branding Case Study (Thursday 9am) >>
• Garden Center Branding Interactive Session (Friday 9am) >>

Keep Your Skills Sharp!
See what garden center conferences and industry events are around the corner.
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GreenBranding and holberg design possess considerable marketing and branding expertise in the garden center industry.

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Garden Center marketing and advertising plans
Strategic marketing is defining where should we spend your Garden Center marketing and advertising dollars. What are my potential customers reading and where do they get their information? GreenBranding researches your target audience and then plots a course to help you reach your Garden Center or nursery sales goals.

Garden Center visual identity development & enhancement
We have experience in Garden Center logo design, corporate identity design and developing branding campaigns. Put your best foot forward with a professionally designed logo, color scheme and visual identity.

Retail Garden Center environmental design
GreenBranding creates Garden Center signs, sales center themes, displays, banners, exterior signs, interior signs and POP displays. You've spent a lot of time and money getting your potential customer to your Garden Center front door... now is the time to close the deal.

Garden Center web site development
We specialize in Garden Center web site usability issues and creating marketing opportunities with your Garden Center web site. Creative Garden Center web site design and development. Web site enhancements. We are your web site pros.

Podcasts/Vidcasts, blogs and other emerging technologies
Website development. Internet broadcasting. Corporate communications. Use the latest web technologies to keep your Garden Center employees in-the-loop. Share thoughts of where the company is headed from the key employees themselves! Do you have constant technical updates to share? Use the power of podcasting to keep your people up on the current issues and make your employees feel like they're part of a team.

Internet marketing for Garden Centers
Banner ads. Strategic web advertising. Search engine marketing. Developing email campaigns. And, we are one of the few web design companies that are currently enrolled in the Google AdWords Qualified Advertising Professional Program!

Get your Garden Center noticed. Be different. Stand tall. Don't be afraid of standing out... be very afraid of not. We are specialists in creating effective Garden Center advertising campaigns.

Still an important and tangible Garden Center marketing tool. With the help of quality brochures, catalogues, fact sheets, posters, flyers and newsletters your brand is whole and complete in the minds of consumers.

Impact mailings
We develop high impact Garden Center postcards, Loyalty Cards and design targeted mailings... all while maintaining mailing restrictions. We are experts in creating effective mailing campaigns.

Garden Center newsletters
Do you generate a Garden Center newsletter? If so, how different is it from other newsletters that employees and customers see? GreenBranding creates newsletters that reflect your Garden Center's character and extends your brand internally (and externally as well).

Internal branding programs
Do your Garden Center employees know your mission statement? If so, do they care? Create a mission statement that is truly unique and motivating to people. Then, display parts of it tastefully... everywhere and anywhere.

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